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2023 Side Job Ideas & Strategies For Working Moms: Virtual Workshop Announced

The upcoming, no-obligation online workshop will equip participants with knowledge and tools to generate multiple income streams by building online businesses from home. With its emphasis on remote work, the webinar is suitable for mothers who are homemakers, single mothers, and other stay-at-home caregivers who wish to create more flexible professional lives.

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The recently announced workshop has been built around The Freelancing Genius program, which will teach participants how to develop an online business based on their personal knowledge and skills, and how to master “freelancing flipping,” a skill that involves outsourcing service orders to a separate team. When combined, the two skills allow participants to maximize their income potential and streamline their workflows.

According to the Single Mother Guide, as of August 2023, 80% of American single-parent families are headed by single mothers and one-third of them live in poverty. Since they allow a flexible schedule, work-from-home jobs may be good options for single mothers and stay-at-home caregivers to boost their income.

Students of The Freelancing Genius program will be guided on how to launch their own online businesses, with the potential to complement their main income via freelancing. Participants will also learn how to tap into others’ knowledge and skill sets to develop their business. The program provides continuous group coaching and support, saving students from lengthy learning curves, and introducing them to a wide network of fulfillment providers.

Webinar leader Alicia Lyttle is an expert when it comes to building online businesses. She has helped thousands of individuals all over the world establish and develop their own successful side hustles. Alicia has very valuable practical advice to share, with a unique knack for making the complex simple.

“The workshop promises to be a dynamic and engaging event, emphasizing attendee participation and offering real-life success stories,” a spokesperson vouched. “Participants will gain a fresh perspective on how virtually anyone can establish a lucrative online business. The event will highlight the possibilities of leveraging one’s own abilities and others’ skills to generate income in the booming freelancing market.”

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