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30-Day Happy Habits Challenge | Tips, Lessons To Living A Happier Life Expanded

Offering support to people who are going through emotional difficulties, the newly updated 30 Days To Living A Happier Life challenge includes proven advice on how to improve mood and be consistently happy. Created by happiness expert Cate Vissel, the challenge features self-help tips that can be used to build a positive mental attitude, change negative thinking patterns, and improve confidence.

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On each day of the challenge, participants will receive an inspirational email that includes happiness quotes and advice on developing positivity. Written by Vissel, each email encourages readers to elevate their mood and offers tips on navigating hard times and managing stress.

As well as happiness hacks, the challenge features advice on improving mindset. Vissel draws on her knowledge of personal development, to help participants overcome a scarcity mindset.

Each participant will also learn how to remove limiting beliefs they have about themselves and the world. They will understand that their happiness does not depend on material possessions or other people and they can be happy regardless of their personal circumstances. Participants are shown how to practice gratitude and appreciate the present moment in a process known as mindfulness.

In addition, Vissel teaches participants how to set and achieve goals throughout the challenge. Achieving their desires allows them to reach deeper levels of personal fulfillment.

At the end of the 30 days, participants should notice their mood has significantly improved and they are better equipped to manage challenges.

Explaining how the challenge can be beneficial, Vissel says, “Happiness is within reach for everyone. I’ve created a simple process to living a happier life that can be used by anyone who wants to change where they are now into a new, happier place in 30 days or less. You will take small actions that will add up, resulting in an improved mood and outlook on life.”

A Cupful of Happy is a happiness resource that provides research-backed tips for living a more positive life. The website is frequently updated with self-help guides.

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