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3D Chatbot Automation, Customer Service AI Avatar Chat Agent Service Update

The new artificial intelligence technology by Cliff’s Chat Bots is designed to improve conversions by providing website users with an interactive 3D avatar to address their concerns. A fresh take on human conversational marketing, it allows business executives to choose from a wide array of skin colors, hair colors, and facial features to design a custom 3D avatar that best represents their brand.

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Cliff’s Chat Bots’ newest technology can be easily integrated into any existing website. Featuring a highly intuitive interface and chat flow templates, the software can create a 3D avatar chat agent in just minutes. Further, clients can upload their customer service scripts so that their avatars can begin speaking and interacting with customers using pre-determined prompts.

The 3D avatars function similarly to a live human customer service agent. It can book appointments, collect orders, consolidate contacts, offer packages to customers, and hand out coupons, among other things. The goal of the artificial intelligence technology is to simplify processes and allow startups and small to medium-sized enterprises to maximize their budget.

Since the technology learns through advanced algorithms, clients do not need to optimize their 3D avatar with SEO or pay for additional software. Their chatbot automation system efficiently uses all its cognitive resources to address customers as if they were a live human agent.

One possible function clients can use the software for is reducing cart abandonment. Their 3D avatar can instantly speak with customers to see if they have any questions or need more information about a product. The avatar can likewise offer personalized coupons to improve the chances of conversions.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, “Our 3D avatars are smart chat technology backed by artificial intelligence that interacts with your visitors on complete autopilot to increase sales and conversions. Use this technology to provide customer support, build trust with your buyers, increase order value, and improve overall customer experience.”

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