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A web3 project revolutionizes traditional email and ushers in a new era of digital communication.

Email 5 will empower you to redefine your online communication experience

The future of email communication is here, and it’s called Email 5. This groundbreaking project, currently active on the Kickstarter platform, aims to change how we interact with our mailbox.

Barcelona, Spain Jul 20, 2023 ( – In the ever-evolving world of technology, email has remained a constant means of communication for decades. However, traditional email services have been plagued with issues such as centralized control, spam, and lack of privacy, with no significant changes in recent years.

Email 5 addresses the shortcomings and problems associated with traditional mail systems by incorporating Web3 technology and the HTML5 language based on open-source email standards. This service offers decentralized email storage, enhanced multimedia support, and integrated low-cost email marketing tools for personal and professional use.

Email 5’s decentralized and immutable nature guarantees that messages are stored securely across a distributed node network, verifying the integrity and authenticity of the information exchanged. This approach eliminates the need for centralized servers, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring users’ emails are secure and always accessible. Besides, once an email is sent, it cannot be altered or deleted by any party, including the sender and recipient.

One of the prime features of Email 5 is the introduction of the HTML5 format for emails, which allows for a richer email experience. This standard enables better design and vector graphics, native support for audio and video, and new interactive elements, providing a modern experience compatible with multiple devices and platforms.

Another significant problem faced by email users today is spam. Email 5 tackles this issue head-on by providing users creating temporary email addresses associated with their primary address. They can be used to sign up for online services, social media, or newsletters and be easily deactivated. This way, users can protect their primary email address from being flooded and maintain a clean inbox.

In addition to its core features, Email 5 offers integrated email marketing services at highly competitive prices. By incorporating a utility token based on Solana, businesses can access a cost-effective solution for their marketing needs without sacrificing quality or functionality.

With the support of entities like Web Summit, Barcelona Activa, and Enisa, Email 5 represents the future of email communication, providing a comprehensive solution to the shortcomings of traditional email services. With its decentralized storage, ultimate privacy, and enhanced multimedia support, Email 5 is poised to change how we use email for personal and professional communication. Keep an eye on this revolutionary Web3 email service as it continues to gain traction and redefine the digital communication landscape.

Email 5 is currently in a crowdfunding phase and ranked #1 in the most popular Web software category worldwide. If you want to support them, please visit

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