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Accurate Personalized B2B Data Set Segmentation For German Businesses Launched

By taking advantage of the company’s expanded service, German enterprises can fast-track the process of finding qualified sales leads. Clients can access hard-to-source market intelligence that can help them uncover untapped business opportunities, thus enhancing their sales volume.

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LeadGenius specializes in enriched B2B data, which takes commoditized data available to everyone and augments it with additional information to make it more valuable and actionable. The platform does this by collating details from social platforms, public records, and other data sources, thus adding context and nuance to mere numbers.

Representatives say the platform uses an AI-human hybrid system to generate data sets entrepreneurs can’t get anywhere else. All insights and potential leads are displayed on a user-friendly dashboard; users can also add an extension to their existing CRM platforms to help guide their decision-making.

As such, sales teams can create hyper-targeted buyer personas in specific regions in Germany. This, in turn, allows them to gain a deeper understanding of consumer motivations — and how to capitalize on such information to close a sale.

The LeadGenius dashboard can also notify sales personnel when a target engages with a competitor. This allows them to identify leads in real time, as inquiries are one of the strongest signals of buyer intent.

LeadGenius highlights that data-driven lead generation has become vital given the country’s slowing economy. Indeed, industry observers note that the German economy contracted for two consecutive quarters, signaling the start of a recession.

A spokesperson says: “Given the economic headwinds that Germany faces, you need to work not just harder but smarter, too. LeadGenius gives you the insights you need to find that proverbial greenfield where opportunities abound and prospects are plentiful. Since all our data sets are tailor-made for you, you get answers to questions that directly affect your business.”


Started in 2014 by Mark Godley, LeadGenius specializes in business intelligence that has an impact on the bottom line. Among its marquee clients are PayPal, Salesforce, and SAP.

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