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ACP Internet Eligibility, Benefits & Application Process: 2023 Guide Published

The site’s latest launch explores the background, eligibility criteria, and application process of this government-funded initiative. The ACP aims to bridge the digital divide that still exists in the US with millions of people unable to access reliable internet services due to socioeconomic and geographical factors.

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The article, which can be accessed without charge via the Uncle Sam Helps website, joins a collection of other informative and educational pieces, covering everything from healthcare, food, housing, and job training assistance programs. The piece explains how the ACP was borne out of limitations identified in the Lifeline program which was first launched in the 1980s

The ACP was rolled out as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which was signed into law in November 2021. The legislation provided $14.2 billion to modify and extend the existing Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. According to the guide, the ACP mainly targets families on low incomes, granting concessions or free internet to households with earnings 200% below the Federal poverty line.

Readers who are already enrolled in other government assistance programs like Medicaid, SSI, SNAP, Veteran’s Affairs Survivor’s Benefit, and the aforementioned Lifeline may also be eligible for ACP support.

The article outlines what the ACP means in real terms for households. A reduction of up to $30 on monthly internet charges ($75 for those living on tribal lands) and a free phone service connection are claimable under the initiative while those who wish to purchase a laptop or tablet can also receive a contribution of up to $100 on the purchase price.

As the piece goes on to explain, there is a wide range of ACP-approved providers including DSL, satellite, and cable companies alongside some fixed wireless services. Uncle Sam Helps readers are also given a rundown of the various ways they can sign up for the program. This can be done directly through the ACP website, via traditional mail, and through service providers.

The article states, “Affordable internet access is a critical piece of the puzzle in creating a more connected and inclusive society. The Affordable Connectivity Program is just one step in that direction, but it’s an important one. By continuing to work together, we can make sure that everyone has the chance to access the digital world and all the opportunities it has to offer.”

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