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AI In Mental Health & Social-Emotional Learning: Family Wellness App Announced

curaJOY’s newest innovations incorporate knowledge from licensed psychologists, behavior analysts, and educators with technology and human-supervised AI to create unique, tailor-made programs for families in need. These interactive programs are multilingual and can provide families with 24-hour support regardless of background or income.

For more information, please visit The announcement comes amid a global mental health crisis that has had far-reaching effects on society. In particular, many families with school-age children struggle to maintain healthy emotional wellness, and the already-strained behavioral healthcare and education systems cannot support children and their parents adequately, says the organization.

curaJOY sets itself apart from other organizations with its global impact, bringing together the AI, tech, gaming, and healthcare industries in an evidence-based approach to emotional wellness. Rather than weekly one-on-one therapy sessions that focus either on the child or the parents, curaJOY’s holistic solutions emphasize the importance of relationships, with the child as the focal point. The inclusion of parents and providers into the programs allows all parties to address potential toxic interaction patterns, resulting in healthier family dynamics and increased emotional resilience.

curaJOY’s main product, Quest Depot, is an interactive app that provides users with behavioral health support. Integrating clinician-created curriculum based on acceptance and commitment therapy, family therapy, and applied behavior analysis into AI-personalized conversations and allows for 24-hour personalized care for families from licensed professionals. The platform also encourages and rewards offline interactions so that users can maintain their social-emotional learning through real-world practice.

With the latest announcement, curaJOY remains committed to helping families improve their emotional wellness. The organization was founded by Caitlyn Wang, a successful global business leader who, through her work with neurodivergent children and her own experiences as the mother of an autistic child, knows firsthand the struggles families may face. Since 2022, she has garnered support from academic, healthcare, financial, and technological leaders worldwide. This month, curaJOY expanded its board of directors to welcome Anthony Pajot, who currently serves as Sanofi’s Global Project Head of Vaccines, to help further its mission.

“People still don’t trust the tech giants not to sell their personal data or protect their children online. Powerful tools must be in the right hands, and that’s where curaJOY plays an important role,” says Wang. “AI and machine learning will be instrumental in developing practical and win-win wellness solutions for kids and their parents, healthcare providers, and teachers. We look out for people, not profits.”

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