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Alberta Laser Pigmentation Treatment Course For High School Graduates Launched

Marketed as the next step in Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy’s hybrid learning program, the newest form of its advanced course gathers material suitable for experienced aesthetician students. After first covering the basics and steadily advancing their progress through the academy’s initial-stage course, learners can unlock a higher level of modules for further study.

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Called the “advanced medical aesthetics” course, this newly upgraded stage is available for those who have successfully graduated from the beginners’ route. Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy says that this distinct course takes medical aesthetician education to new heights, notably examining treatments above the skill level of many working industry professionals.

For this reason, its advanced course cannot be accessed without evidence of either prior course completion or existing medical aesthetician credentials. By building its graduates’ skills in a wide variety of high-tech and in-demand procedures, Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy points to the immediate benefits this course can have on their employability.

“This is the first step in your new career,” says a Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy representative. “Become an expert in advanced physics of laser technologies, techniques in microneedling, stem cell treatments, PRP, and more.”

As well as covering modern treatments, the advanced course provides troubleshooting and client management strategies. As described by Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy, participants will discover suitable ways to communicate with difficult clients in clinic or MedSpa settings. They’ll also learn to tackle possible setbacks that are common to the industry while building their own business.

The course content is delivered through a blend of remote study modules and classroom-led practical tutorials at the academy’s St. Albert site. In-person learning enables students to apply concepts previously attained through online instruction in a professional environment, directed by Dermysk’s certified staff.

Accordingly, the final stage of the course sees learners paired with real clients as they practice skin pigmentation treatments, hair removal options, and other requested cosmetic procedures. Prior graduates have described this step as fitting preparation for starting work as a medical aesthetic clinician.

One academy alumnus said: “I recently graduated from the medical aesthetics program here at Dermysk, and I had an incredible experience. The location is beautiful while the staff are all amazing, highly trained, and helpful.”

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