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Aleutian Equity Holdings LLC Celebrates Chairman Roger Bendelac’s Legal Victory in Defeating SEC’s Rule 56(f) Motion

New York City, New York Sep 3, 2023 ( – Aleutian Equity Holdings LLC is thrilled to announce a landmark legal victory for its Chairman, Roger Bendelac, in the case SEC vs. Trends Investments Inc. et. al (Case No. 1:22-cv-10889). The case, overseen by the Honorable Judge Richard G. Stearns in the District Court of Massachusetts, marked a pivotal moment as the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Rule 56(f) motion for summary judgment was defeated.

Court Proceedings and Legal Triumph

The SEC, represented by a team of five attorneys from its Boston office, was unsuccessful in its Rule 56(f) motion for summary judgment against Roger Bendelac, who represented himself as a pro-se litigant. This significant win highlights the resiliency and determination in the face of a complex and high-stakes legal battle. Following the defeat of the SEC’s motion, Judge Stearns invited the parties to submit briefings on the possibility of transferring the case venue to New York from Boston, a motion now pending and filed by Roger Bendelac.

Roger Bendelac’s Commentary

Upon the court’s decision, Roger Bendelac remarked, “It’s alarming to see the SEC, under the guidance of Mr. Gary Gensler, deploy such an aggressive approach, sacrificing basic ethics in pursuit of an inflated enforcement agenda. The fact that the SEC enlisted five attorneys for a case they were willing to settle for $55,000–and still failed to secure a summary judgment against a pro-se defendant–speaks volumes about the current state of administrative competence. It’s a disappointing chapter in the SEC’s history.”

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