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Athleisure-Inspired Medical Scrubs With Knit Yoga Waistbands For Nurses Launched

Uniforms World’s new nursing scrubs have been designed to offer students a high level of comfort as they embark upon the first long working days of their new career. The team of scrubs designers at Uniforms World know that wearing these uniforms for the first time can take some getting used to, which is why they have designed their new sets with a soft and stretchy elastic band waist and used high-quality breathable and lightweight fabric.

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Uniforms World have also designed their new student scrubs to be affordable to nursing. students who are likely already facing high tuition fees, and are likely also expected to wear all associated costs of their student residency, like transportation and time off from their regular casual or part-time job.

Unlike most other medical uniform retailers, Uniforms World retails all their scrubs as sets with both the top and bottom included in the sale price. As their founder explained, “Our philosophy at Uniforms World is a set is better. We do not believe that hard working nursing students should be using all their hard-earned dollars for the fundamental need of medical scrubs.”

Their new student sets are made with an innovative polyester, spandex and rayon blend that makes it both breathable, comfortable and stretchy, and anti-bacterial, anti-absorbent, anti-static and anti-wrinkle. Uniforms World therefore is confident that their sets can meet all the demands a nursing student will be placed under in each shift while being easy to clean and care for between shifts.

Uniforms World has a range of new styles and colors available to nursing students and all of their scrubs are available in a range of sizes. They manufacture all of their scrubs in-house in their boutique factory and ship them across the United States.

One happy third year nursing student, Cloe, said, “I love Uniforms World scrubs! They have everything you want about scrubs: comfortable fabric, stretchy, fashionable… and of course, a lot of large pockets. I can wear them at work all day long and they are affordable for nursing students like me. They’re amazing.”

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