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Atlanta Rideshare Accident Lawyer: Uber & Lyft Car Crash Legal Help Launched

The firm’s newly updated services extend to initial guidance through case reviews as well as further legal aid. Cambre & Associates now sets out to equip rideshare account victims with the professional advice and representation they need in order to pursue sufficient compensation for their injuries.

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Headed by personal injury attorney Glenn Cambre, the firm brings its updated services to Atlanta citizens at a timely moment. Ridesharing app usage has significantly altered the traffic landscape, with more and more people relying on Uber and Lyft to get to work or otherwise get around. Inevitably, then, this has led to a rise in rideshare car accidents.

One of the more pressing issues typically raised by victims of such crashes in Atlanta, says Cambre & Associates, is the question of whether their insurance covers rideshare accidents. Consultations with the firm’s attorneys can clear this complex matter up – as, they explain, coverage laws differ depending on the circumstances behind the crash.

“Uber or Lyft accidents can be complex,” notes a firm spokesperson. “The laws that apply in each accident can change depending on how the accident occurred. At Cambre & Associates, our teams of car accident attorneys will investigate how the accident occurred, determine what provisions of the Georgia code apply, and who the responsible party is.”

As advised by Cambre & Associates, injury liability in rideshare accident cases can lie with different parties, ranging from companies such as Uber or Lyft to vehicle drivers. The involvement of other motorists, the question of whether ridesharing apps were switched on or off, and more can all determine which party is responsible for paying damage costs.

In most cases, suggests the firm, motorists will bear the brunt of liability in accident cases – this is because Uber and Lyft-associated drivers are classed as independent contractors. As such, injured parties would therefore need to file claims through personal insurers. Accordingly, Cambre & Associates positions itself to assist victims by preparing and navigating the claim process.

With offices in Macon and Atlanta proper, Cambre & Associates makes initial consultations available to book through its official website and its over-the-phone contact listings. Case reviews allow its attorneys to assess the details surrounding cases as preparation for their contingency-based legal representation, if needed.

One recent client remarked: “I’m definitely glad to have had this firm in my corner after a recent auto accident. Easy to work with and handled all the details so I didn’t have to.”

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