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Augmented Reality Medical Training Developer: Interactive Simulations Announced

Sequel MV has announced an expansion to its offerings with custom AR training program development for medical schools and hospitals. According to the agency, it aims to address the growing demand for modalities in the medical field that enhance both the teaching and learning experience.

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The decision to introduce AR-enabled learning programs is in line with recent industry developments in medical education. In late 2022, HealthTech Magazine reported the emergence of a “metaverse of healthcare,” of which AR forms a part. In its report, it cited market research that forecast double-digit growth for this type of technology between 2023 and 2027 and mentioned implementations of the technology in institutions such as the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Massachusetts General Hospital.

“AR revolutionizes medical school training by seamlessly merging virtual elements with the real world, enhancing students’ learning experiences,” Sequel MV’s spokesperson said. “Through immersive simulations and interactive 3D models, it enables students to visualize complex anatomical structures, practice surgical procedures, and develop critical decision-making skills in a safe and controlled environment.”

Sequel MV offers the capability to handle AR-enabled training programs from end to end. It can design 3D content and scenarios and is adept at the use of various AR applications and languages, such as Unity and Java. Its multi-disciplinary team of software developers, 3D modelers, and user experience designers can collaborate with the medical school faculty to create AR programs that address the learning objectives of the school.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Sequel MV provides its services nationwide, and its capabilities have been employed by brands such as Bridgestone, Elevate, Terminix and Aspen Dental.

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“Through AR, we can empower aspiring healthcare professionals to acquire practical expertise and bridge the gap between theory and practice more effectively than ever before,” the company’s spokesperson said.

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