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Author Vincent Riccardi,MD, Pulls Readers on a Poetic Journey in the Launch of his Book, Reality: Truth, Words, and Love

Reality Truth Words and Love is a poetic journey


Reseda, California Jun 15, 2023 ( – Due to its multisensory nature, poetry stirs up emotions. Readers also anticipate an emotional reaction from poetry, which means the effective use of poetic devices helps arouse feelings and trigger pondering.

Vincent Riccardi, MD, delves into his creative well, to present an anthology of provoking poems that will send readers on a poetic sojourn. He launches “Reality: Truth, Words, and Love.”

In this collection, Vincent Riccardi, MD, delves into the intricate connections between Reality, Truth, Words, Love, and an often-unspoken element, Time. The title encapsulates the essence of the poems, highlighting the modern individual’s journey towards understanding Reality through the lens of Truth, as conveyed through the nuances of Words and the profoundness of Love.

The poems featured in this collection navigate spectrums of human experiences, ranging from the mundane to the profound. Dr. Riccardi merges seemingly separate concepts and everyday life, facts, and emotions to bridge the gaps between these extremes. Through this blending, the reader is encouraged to explore the connection between these elements and the gray areas in between.

Time–not explicitly mentioned in the title, emerges as a constant supporting theme throughout the collection. Dr. Riccardi asserts that Time is a fundamental component of Reality, Truth, Words, and Love, influencing their essence. The element of Time subtly intersperses in the poems making readers consider and appreciate the brevity of life. By contrasting these elements and their manifestations, Dr. Ricardi offers readers a fresh perspective on the realities of life in the 21st century.

Through his poetry, he invites contemplation on the connection between these elements, prompting readers to reflect on their experiences and understanding of the world. This book of poetry presents a thought-provoking exploration of Reality, Truth, Words, Love, and the ever-present force of Time. Through the skillful allusions of a wordsmith and his keen understanding of human existence, Dr. Riccardi invites readers on a journey of introspection and reflection, offering a new lens through which one can perceive and appreciate the complexities of life in the modern era.

Readers ready to dive into the brilliant mind of Vincent Riccardi, MD, may purchase a copy of the book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and leading online platforms.

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Book Title: Reality: Truth, Words, and Love

Author: Vincent M. Riccardi

Publisher: Xlibris US

Represented by: Great Writers Media

Published Date: August 11, 2022

Book Genre: Poetry, Love, Self-Love, Self-Worth

About the Author

Vincent Riccardi is a Director at The Neurofibromatosis Institute and specializes in Neurofibromatosis; Cancer Genetics; the Genetics of Human Female Sexual Satisfaction; Interpersonal Communication; Philosophy of Language.

Media Contact

Great Writers Media LLC



16192 Coastal Highway

Source :Great Writers Media LLC

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