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Automation Consultants Outline Jira Align Benefits

Automation Consultants published a blog post outlining the top three advantages of Jira Align for enterprises, beginning by stating that enterprise companies seeking a tool to support their Agile processes at scale should consider Jira Align because it could provide them with many advantages.

In its blog post, Automation Consultants highlighted three of the most significant advantages that Jira Align could bring to a company. Connecting business strategy with technical execution, Jira Align allows organisations to govern and direct their large-scale software development efforts.

Jira Align enables software development activities to be rolled up to every level of scale, beginning with individual software development teams and extending to programmes, programme portfolios, and enterprise-level objectives established by senior management. This creates a detailed link between the strategy established by upper management and the execution of your teams.

For instance, stakeholders can view reports composed of data accurately aggregated across all the organisation’s teams, while grassroots developers can see how their work relates to the organisation’s overarching objectives.

Jira Align can be viewed as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool for large-scale software development. Jira Align, if implemented correctly, ensures that an organisation spends more time aligned with its strategy and pulling in the same direction.

Also mentioned are shorter delivery and time-to-market times. Large organisations may find it more difficult to adopt an Agile methodology due to their size and complexity.

Jira Align has many features that can help bridge this gap for organisations. This includes the ability to view real-time tasks, compile important team-level data summaries, visualise goals with Strategic Snapshots, manage tasks with backlogs and Kanban boards, and plan effectively with roadmaps, among other features.

These features facilitate planning and tracking for large enterprises and promote transparency at every stage of a project’s life cycle.

A company can therefore benefit from much more efficient deliveries. For instance, the ability to view detailed sprint metrics, such as scope expansions and used time, could indicate when the delivery schedule may be impacted.

Overall, Jira Align can aid in maintaining on-time deliveries and ensure that an organisation is prepared to change course quickly in response to new information.

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