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Award-Winning Medicare Brokerage Provides Most Comprehensive Medicare Advice

Coral Springs, FL

Award-winning Florida Medicare brokerage, Florida Healthcare Insurance, provides the most comprehensive Medicare advice for those seeking Medicare or who need help with the Medicare enrollment process. The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) begins October 15th, and those who are already enrolled in Medicare plans can assess the cover they are receiving and those who need Medicare coverage may enroll during this time frame.

Expert agents at Florida Healthcare Insurance are ready to help with all questions and concerns you may have about your Medicare coverage and ensure its customers the utmost quality care and advice on your health. Medicare is known for its complicated and often confusing nature, and many individuals who are approaching eligibility find themselves overwhelmed. Florida Healthcare Insurance provides agents who offer extensive knowledge and can help make the right decision in selecting the suitable coverage needed while guaranteeing the appropriate requirements are met.

To provide further assistance with Medicare, Florida Healthcare Insurance is adding fifteen (15) additional pages to their website dedicated to informing potential clients with accurate Medicare information.

Working With Florida Healthcare Insurance Simplifies The Medicare Process

Visitors to the South Florida Medicare brokerage website of Florida Healthcare Insurance will find the most comprehensive and up to date information about Medicare. With the new Medicare pages that the company is adding to the website, visitors can not only find the answers about potential Medicare plans, but also contact an agent immediately via the contact us form or calling (954) 282-6891.

How Does The Florida Medicare Process Work?

Normally, when an individual turns 65 years old, he or she is eligible for Original Medicare (which consists of Part A and/or B). This happens automatically if they are turning 65 and are already receiving Social Security or will start collecting retirement at age 65. They will need to sign up for Medicare Part B at that time you apply for retirement benefits and Medicare Part A enrollment occurs automatically if they are eligible for Social Security retirement.

If individuals aren’t receiving Social Security or RRB benefits when they turn 65, they will have to sign up for Medicare A and/or Part B during their Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). This enrollment period begins three months before their 65th birthday includes the month that you turn 65 and ends three months later.

Should an individual miss the initial enrollment for whatever reason, they can sign up for Medicare Part A and/or Part B during the General Enrollment Period that runs from January 1 through March 31 of every year. The individual may have to pay a late enrollment penalty for both Part A and Part B if they did not sign up when they were first eligible. People can also make changes to their coverage during general enrollment.

The Medicare Annual Election Period Begins October 15th

If a person already has Medicare and would like to make changes to their current coverage, there are specific times when they are able to do so. The Annual Election Period (AEP) runs from October 15th to December 7th of each year.

This would be the ideal time to enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans, Original Medicare (if you haven’t done so) or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. If an individual is unsure, Florida Healthcare Insurance recommends they contact one of their agents who can help to determine the best options within minutes.

Why Work with A Medicare Brokerage Like Florida Healthcare Insurance?

There is an overabundance of Medicare insurance agencies that offer similar services, but Florida Healthcare Insurance stands out above the others with their 20+ years of experience in Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicare Supplements, and superior customer service.

Their agents/brokers ask the right questions to streamline the Medicare process and ensure people are receiving the quality coverage they deserve. There are hundreds of five star reviews here.

Florida Healthcare Insurance CEO, Evan Tunis, wants current and potential clients to know, “Our aim at Florida Healthcare Insurance is to provide our clients with the best advice and guidance to ensure that they obtain the right Medicare plan with coverage that will fit their needs.”

Tunis added, “We are adding 15 new pages to our website that are entirely devoted to Medicare. These pages will provide our site visitors with the most comprehensive information and advice about Medicare plans. With these new pages we will be the premier resource in South Florida for the Medicare needs of the citizens of the state.”

A Focus on Providing the Medicare Advice People Need

Tunis also stated, “For more than two decades we have been helping the residents of Florida obtain the right health insurance coverage. We have a very experienced team who are experts in Medicare and help clients from all walks of life navigate their way through the complex world of Medicare to obtain the right plan.”

“We have built our business on the back of our reputation”, Tunis said. “When citizens of Florida visit our website or discuss their requirements with one of our expert Medicare brokers then we provide them with the advice and guidance that they are looking for.”

With so many different plans and options available with Medicare, people need expert advice to ensure that they end up with the cover that meets their requirements. Everyone’s needs are different, and Florida Healthcare Insurance helps people choose the right Medicare plan while saving them money and time.

About Florida Healthcare Insurance

Florida Healthcare Insurance LLC is based in Coral Springs, Florida, and provides clients with expert advice and guidance on choosing the best Medicare plan and options to provide the coverage they need. The company has been providing healthcare insurance help to clients for over 20 years.

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