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Beginner Swimmers Online Technique Coaching & Community Platform Launched

The new online resource is targeted to both beginner swimmers who are looking to start from the basics like treading water and developing the key strokes, and for intermediate swimmers who have the basics down and want to improve their speed, efficiency, breathing and distances. The new coaching videos and vlogs from the SWIMVICE Community cover each core swimming skill individually in a way which has been structured to guide each swimmer towards full mastery.

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SWIMVICE understands that as the summer now draws to a close, many adults across America who don’t know how to swim, or who don’t feel confident doing so, will have missed out on fun times with friends and loved ones by the pool, at the beach or out at sea over the last few months.

They also understand that these same adults likely have busy schedules which prevent them from attending scheduled formal classes at a public pool. As such, they endeavor to bring professional quality swimming lessons to their user’s home with their personalized training programs.

All of their lessons and training videos are designed and led by highly qualified and esteemed swimming trainers and coaches and begin from the essentials of water safety, breathing techniques and form.

SWIMVICE works with adults at all experience levels and customizes their program to suit each swimmer’s goals; whether they just want to be a casual swimmer or whether they want to get inspired and motivated to participate in a specific swimming event like a triathlon.

The popular platform is available to interested swimmers on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, beginning with a 7-day trial period.

SWIMVICE, LLC is the home of all things swimming online. Based out of San Francisco, the community is proud to be at the forefront of digital swimming instruction.

A spokesperson for the online community and learning platform said, “The SWIMVICE Community provides swimmers with structured plans that include video demos, drills, and progressions to help improve their technique. Learn tips on improving your breathing, body position, kick timing, and stroke cycle. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced swimmer, the SWIMVICE Community is for you.”

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