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Biloxi Boarding School Sexual Abuse Law Firm, Report & Sue Services Launched

Abuse Guardian has seen that children and teenagers are often particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse in boarding school environments where they are away from their parents or primary caregiver–including in prep schools and other private schools–which is why they have appointed Greg Zarzaur to represent the victims of boarding school sexual abuse. The experienced attorney can help any victim and their family if they want to know how to report and sue their abuser and any school system that may have protected them.

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Abuse Guardian has appointed Zarzaur in response to the ongoing prevalence of boarding school sexual abuse, and its growing complexities and ramifications in a digital age. As a recent article on Sky News explained, citing evidence from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, boarding school students are statistically far more likely to suffer sexual abuse as these schools are, as the Independent Inquiry stated, “ideal environments for grooming”.

As an experienced sexual abuse attorney, Greg Zarzaur has seen that there are many forms of sexual abuse that take place within boarding schools and he can represent both the victim and their family in cases of forced sexual acts, inappropriate touching and for the sharing of explicit materials without consent; which is increasingly common in an era of widespread digital pornography use and abuse.

Abuse Guardian believes that all acts of sexual abuse that take place between a teacher and student in a boarding school environment are especially heinous, and they believe victims deserve compensation and justice for the experiences they have endured.

Greg Zarzaur begins all legal proceedings with a complimentary consultation where he will inform a victim and their family about how to file a lawsuit and give legal advice on core aspects of a case like the statute of limitations and what forms of compensation may be available.

Abuse Guardian said, “If you or a loved one is a victim of sexual abuse in a boarding school, you deserve justice and a chance to reclaim your life. Greg is here to help you navigate through this difficult journey. He has the experience and compassion needed to fight for your rights and hold those responsible accountable. We understand the unique challenges survivors face and are committed to providing personalized legal representation tailored to your specific needs.”

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