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BioVie issues letter to shareholders; highlights latest update on NE3107 for Alzheimer’s Disease

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BioVie Inc CEO Cuong Do joined Steve Darling from Proactive to provide an update to shareholders on the company's progress in developing innovative drug therapies for advanced liver disease, as well as neurological and neurodegenerative disorders.

In a letter to shareholders, BioVie Inc shared exciting updates and outlined their upcoming plans.

Do informed Proactive that the Phase 3 trial for NE3107 in Alzheimer's Disease has been fully enrolled since February 2023 and is approaching completion by the end of September. The company eagerly anticipates releasing data from this trial later this year.

BioVie Inc believes that the data obtained thus far suggest that NE3107 has the potential to reduce epigenetic changes caused by inflammation. Additionally, the company believes that NE3107 may be effective in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, restoring homeostatic regulation, and facilitating the recovery of gene expression. These effects may improve neuronal health and potentially lead to better clinical measures of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's Disease.

Furthermore, BioVie Inc suggests that the changes observed in NE3107 treatment may indicate broad and multisystemic regulatory activities related to the diagnosis and progression of cognitive disorders, MCI, and dementia. The company is excited about the potential impact of NE3107 on these conditions.

BioVie Inc remains committed to advancing their drug development efforts and improving the lives of patients with advanced liver disease and neurological disorders. The upcoming release of Phase 3 trial data for NE3107 in Alzheimer's Disease represents a significant milestone in their pursuit of innovative therapies.

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