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BitBox SteelWallet Durable Seed Phrase Storage: FinTech Security Solution Update

The new kits include two stainless steel plates and an automatic punching tool, allowing users to store 12, 18, or 24-word backup phrases in line with BIP-29 standards. Given the ability of stainless steel to withstand acid, fire, water, and impacts, the SteelWallet offers a highly durable way for FinTech companies and investors to protect recovery seed phrases.

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The Crypto Merchant explains that cryptocurrency is inherently technology-based, which remains vulnerable to environmental or other forms of damage. With the introduction of the SteelWallet backup tool, the firm offers a low-tech solution to a modern requirement.

While acceptance of cryptocurrency in the consumer market has been relatively slow, a recent report from Analytics Insight highlights the growing importance of crypto for FinTech organizations. The Crypto Merchant points out that, while the speed and transparency of crypto transactions make them attractive for FinTech businesses, organizations are still faced with the challenge of securing private keys. With the recent addition of the BitBox SteelWallet, the firm offers a durable and easy-to-use option that can then be kept in a secure location.

Recording of seed phrases on the SteelWallet is carried out using the included punch tool, which makes a permanent impression on the corresponding steel plates. For additional security, The Crypto Merchant also suggests the use of tamper-evident bags, also available via the firm’s web store.

“The SteelWallet is made by Shift Crypto, a leader in high-quality, secure crypto storage devices,” a company representative explained. “The steel tool can withstand all sorts of conditions, protecting confidential information. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and resists radiation. It is even impervious to fire.”

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