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“6 Simple Steps To Positively Affect Poor Brand Perception,” the latest report in LO:LA’s resource base, shows business owners and their marketing teams how they can develop a positioning strategy to improve customers’ perceptions of their brand.

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The recently published guide emphasizes the importance of identifying the root cause of poor brand perception, suggesting that marketing teams should first conduct research into customers’ brand perceptions. They should especially seek out connections between negative perceptions and issues with product or service quality, or company messaging.

Social content marketing platform Stackla recently reported that in 2021, 88% of consumers identified authenticity as a key factor in deciding which brands they prefer and want to support. Since a company’s brand is the essential public communication of its mission and values, authenticity is indispensable to its brand positioning strategy.

Accordingly, LO:LA’s report outlines the elements of a solid brand positioning strategy. These include focusing on brand consistency, engaging with customers, leveraging collaborations with influencers and other partnerships, and regular monitoring of brand perception. Each element may require additional steps as well – for example, improving customer engagement may require refining messaging or adjusting the target audience.

Marketers should understand, LO:LA cautions, that each of these elements takes time and effort. Keeping this in mind, they should develop a brand positioning strategy they can commit to over the long term and be patient regarding results. Marketers should also track their positioning strategy’s progress and be willing to adjust it as needed.

About LO:LA:

LO:LA was founded in 2017 with a mission to re-envision advertising creative services in ways that not only resonate with but truly inspire target audiences. LO:LA combines the experience of larger agencies with the flexibility, specialization, and creative resourcefulness of a boutique establishment. While combining these two worlds, LO:LA remains committed to providing quality services and crafting compelling, heartfelt creative.

“Think of LO:LA as your inside-out marketing team which includes expert partners curated specifically to your brand, project, or campaign,” an agency representative explained. “Our mission is to ensure you’ll always have access to the best marketing minds and talent for your budget.”

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