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Bronx Interstate Moving for High Rise Apartments, Hiring Help Report Launched

This new report explores six options for hiring help when completing a move and provides insight into the benefits, drawbacks, and estimated rates for each option. The report launches alongside’s no-cost quote tool, which allows users to get rate estimates from local experts.

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While hiring a professional moving company is the “go-to solution” for most relocations, this new report offers 5 alternative strategies. However, does clarify that none of these moving options are entirely without cost, and at a minimum, most options will require at least the purchase of food and beverages in exchange for assistance.

One option suggested in the report uses the NextDoor app, which helps users to communicate with other app users in their local area. Using the NextDoor app, users can ask for help from neighbors or nearby friends, either with the entire move or with specific portions, such as carrying heavy items to the truck.

The report also provides suggestions for finding professional help bundled with other services that users may require, such as through a moving truck rental program. While this can vary widely from one company to another, the report suggests that some rental companies may be partnered with manual labor for hire, such as Budget Rental partnering with HireAHelper.

Users can also find suggestions for hiring local community members, although the report does mention that hiring unknown members of the public, not through a local company, may make some people feel uncomfortable. Alternatively, the report provides guidelines for hiring friends and neighbors, when money should be included in the offer and the benefits of hiring known assistants.

While the report provides 5 non-professional options, it also includes details about hiring a local professional moving company, how to find the right company for a move, and how to estimate the rates. Users can also get up to 7 price quotes from local experts using a form on the website, with no cost or obligation.

An excerpt from the report explains, “There are plenty of options that you have when it comes down to hiring help for your move… While moving companies might be more expensive, it takes the stress off of you and allows you to focus on other things.”

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