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Business Expense Optimization For Lowering Bills, Service Announced

Potent U provides an optimization service that enables clients to lower their bills without the hassle of switching service providers. They can optimize business expenses for internet, mobile, TV, IT services, payroll, heating oil and propane gas, waste management, merchant accounts, and many other recurring items.

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Potent U’s service announcement comes as business owners across the US are struggling with rising financial expenses related to the daily operations of their company. A recent study reported that 66% of small businesses are facing financial challenges, with many companies overpaying their bills by thousands, explains Joe Austin, Owner of Potent U.

The comprehensive bill reduction services offered by Potent U and its partners cater to a wide range of businesses, including small-scale enterprises, large corporations, mom-and-pop establishments, churches, private schools, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, factories, and all brick-and-mortar businesses.

Businesses interested in lowering their bills first undergo a savings review with Potent U’s financial advisors, aka Ideal Advocates. The company then renegotiates on behalf of the business to secure lower rates. The charge for this service is covered by taking a payment from the savings achieved, ensuring that the businesses do not incur any additional financial risk during the process.

One satisfied customer, who owns a shop in Easton, MA, said: “Potent U has been a game-changer for my business. They helped me lower my internet and phone bills significantly, allowing me to redirect those savings to other critical areas of my operations. Their expertise and professionalism have made a substantial impact on my bottom line. I can’t believe how much I was overpaying and how easy it was to save.”

Potent U can help businesses lower their rates with internet, telecom, television, IT, security systems, and accounting and staffing-related bills, as well as covering subscriptions and memberships, waste management, and pest control.

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