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Butler PA Scrapyard Directory For Junk Yard, Recycling Facility Operators Launch

‘Scrapyard Near Me’ has introduced an online directory designed to connect homeowners and businesses with operators of scrap yards and recycling facilities. According to its creator, the directory was designed to address the unique needs of facility owners and the households and businesses that rely on their services.

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‘Scrapyard Near Me’ was initially conceived to address the promotional needs of facility owners in Pittsburgh, who rely on traditional SEO to market their services. The positive reception it received from business owners in the city allowed it to expand further to cover other Pennsylvania cities like Butler and small communities like Wexford, Cranberry, and the North Hills.

“Ninety-nine percent of scrap yard owners and management advertise their webpage and services on Google. In doing so, 98.5% of these businesses never receive traffic and business for their efforts,” a spokesperson from the directory provider said.

‘Scrapyard Near Me”s solution is a directory that will allow scrapyard owners to list their facilities, effectively making them “featured posts”. As directories like ‘Scrapyard Near Me’ rank highly on most search engine results pages, the discoverability of these listings increases, which then increases traffic to their websites.

“Scrap Yard Near Me is not in competition with the facility’s own webpage. In fact, it enhances and complements their existing marketing message,” the representative clarified. “By doing so, they have a better chance of capturing the market that larger companies are paying Google to serve up for them. You see, it’s all about awareness and market share”

For individual households and businesses, particularly those concerned about the environment, ‘Scrap Yard Near Me’ offers a way to contribute to the reduction of solid waste by connecting them with facilities that recycle metal, electronics, glass, paper, and other types of materials.

“The role of scrapyards in the community is often overlooked, and we are looking to change that,” ‘Scrap Yard Near Me”s spokesperson said. “Scrap yards not only assist in waste management, they provide employment and ensure a sustainable future by helping conserve resources through recycling.”

Facility owners who want to list their scrap yard or recycling facility can request a business profile through

Scrapyard Near Me

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