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Camden, NJ Interstate Movers: DIY Glassware & Stemware Packing Guide Launched

As one of the most fragile items in most homes, it is not uncommon for professional moving companies to handle the packing for glassware and stemware, but homeowners may also choose to handle this themselves. This new report launched by explains the entire packing process step-by-step, and the required materials.

More information about transporting and packing glassware, stemware, and other fragile items can be found in the full report, at

Although they are often thought to be the same thing, the report explains the difference between stemware and glassware, why it matters, and how it affects the packing process. While glassware includes breakable items such as glass jars, mugs, and dishes, stemware must be handled with extreme care, as it includes very fragile items with long stems, such as wine and martini glasses.

The full report includes a list of all the supplies required for safe packaging, most of which can be found around the home or bought at a local hardware store. has also included a short video about glassware, and another for stemware, showing step-by-step instructions for packing common items.

While the exact steps can vary widely based on the item being packaged, the report includes instructions for a range of popular but fragile items, from standard glasses to pint glasses and martini glasses. It also provides suggestions for packing certain breakable items alongside glassware or stemware, such as dishes, knick-knacks, or kitchen tools.

Whether readers are hiring professional movers, or carrying the boxes themselves, the report suggests carefully labeling every box with several pieces of information. Each box containing glassware or stemware should be labeled “Fragile,” have an indicator of which side of the box is the top, and include information about what is inside, or which room it belongs in.

Alternatively, the report suggests that it is possible to hire a professional moving service to complete the packing, as well as moving, although this can add significantly to the overall price. Users can estimate their total rate, with or without packing services, using a no-cost tool on the website.

To estimate the rate for an upcoming move, users can click the green “Get Quotes” button on the website, and fill in a simple form with details about their move. will send them up to 7 no-cost, no-obligation quotes, from pre-screened local professionals.

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