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Canadian brand wu-sah was a hit at nysw22

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WU-SAH designer and owner Svetlana Chernienko opens with ukrainian flag colors at NYSW22

New York City, New York Aug 10, 2022 ( – Designer SVETLANA CHERNIENKO opened New York Swim week 2022 with a bang! Her brand Wu-sah embodies the following values: mental health, alignment,

sustainability, and freedom of expression. Wu-sah premiered its first eco-sustainable collection inspired by Biophilia during NYFW 22 and it showcased the second half of its collection on July 30th during NYSW. The runway show encompassed the beauty of the world and its diversity, and the importance of its preservation.

” The show for me is going to be very important. I have a moment and a responsibility. Being half Ukrainian & Bella Russian my collection is called “Unity & Peace ” in Russian; .”

The show opened with the colors of the Ukrainian Flag going into the U.N flag colors which means :

The olive branches are a symbol of peace, and the world map represents all the people and the countries of the world. White and blue are the official colors of the United Nations. The color blue is the opposite of red, blue meaning peace as red means war. Ending the show in colors of the earth to represent oneness, togetherness, Unity, and the floral beauty of the earth.

“It’s important to me to show my family’s culture as I did at NYFW 22. I showcased biophilia’s love of life and showcased my African side along with my Ukrainian, Bella Russian side.
We are all one .. unified and stronger together against hate and war .”

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