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Chef Guo: a leading figure in the industry.

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New York, NY, August 18, 2023 (500NewsWire) — In the vast sea of flavors from north to south, there is a type of cuisine that is both delicious and nutritious, integrates culture and health,and combines tradition with innovation. The one who breathes life into this cuisine is Chef Guo, the founder of Healthy Royal Cuisine CulinarySystem.

Culture is the soul of the dish. After apprenticing with a seventh-generation inheritor of Master Chef Ding Guang Zhou at the age of 14, Guo Wenjun's 8 years of diligent study made a solid foundation for his future career. Guo alwaysbelieves that "a good chef not only needs to cook well, but also needs to make customers happy with their food while enjoying their meal. Beautifully designed plates need art, maintaining the nutrition of ingredients needs nutrition, food carving needs geometry, and certain inherited traditional dishes involve history and literature. Therefore, a truly good chef must know multicultural knowledge."It is precisely because of Guo's scholarship and diligence that he became famous with a series of aesthetically pleasing and profoundly symbolic cultural feasts in a high-level foreignguest reception.

In 2000, Guo was the executive chef of a well-known high-endhotel. At the time, the chief coordinator of the World Cultural Heritage was visiting. How to let this special international friendfeel the regionalculture while tastingthe dishes? The meticulous study and profound accumulation of daily life gave Guo the courage to integrate and innovate. Anyang has a history of producing China's first female general. Guo took this female general as the prototypeand created a stunning deep neck platter. Anyang is also the hometown of "Oracle Script", and Guo cleverly conceived of integrating oracle script with dishes, allowing guests to appreciate oracle script culture at the dining table. After tasting this banquet, the officials of the World Cultural Heritage wrote a word: "Not onlytasting Chinese cuisine, but tasting Chinese culture." This moment, Guo deeply realized that the dish must have a culture, and without the culture of the dish, it will lose its soul.

With over 40 years of experience in the kitchen, Guo has not only dedicated himself to dish design but also has a deep understanding of Chinese eight great cuisines, Cantonese cuisine, and Western cuisine.His creation of Official Health Royal Cuisine Culinary System has embodied the essence of Chinese gourmet culture.

Based on extensive reading of ancient Chinese health preservation books, Guo Wenjun integrates the accumulated knowledge of Chinese five thousand years of food culture. He applies the health preservation principles from "Inner Canonof the Huang Emperor" recorded in the book, combined with the "Qing Palace Dietology," "ManHan Banquet," "Nourishing Recipes of Ding's Chef," and the

essence of Li Sizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica," to create a unique Official Health Royal Cuisine Culinary System with modern cooking techniques and nutritional benefits.

Guo's dishes always follow three principles: Firstly, they use original materials that are green, pure, natural, and pollution-free. Guo spends one-third of every year out exploring in search of green, healthy, and novel ingredients. Secondly, multiple dishes are scientifically combined. Different ingredients complement each other to create new effects. Therefore, Guo believes that as a chef, he must master the pharmaceutical rules of each ingredient and then scientifically combinethem according to the principleof nutritional complementarity, transforming mutual effectsinto mutual growth to achievetrue health and nutrition. The third principle is a scientific cooking method. Only scientific and healthycooking methods can produce dishes that meet people's nutritional needs.

To take Health Royal Cuisine Culinary System further, Guo has a grander goal: "To promoteHealth Royal Cuisine Culinary System to the world andlet the world understand how the Chinese can enjoy health through the temptations of food."

To be a leader in the industry and bring Chinese cuisine to every corner of the world! This is what chef Guo pursues. 135 E 50th St. New York, NY 10022;; 212-866-9888

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