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Coffee Table Shoppable Quiz For Interior Design, Shopping & Styling Launched

The quiz covers a variety of topics that buyers may have on their minds as they shop for a new coffee table. After completing the quiz, customers can elect to receive customized, tailored recommendations directly to their inbox to improve and streamline the shopping experience.

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The newly launched quiz will help customers shopping the Coffee Table Mart catalog to better understand the type of table they need. For instance, the quiz asks questions regarding space, safety, and size requirements.

The company carries a wide variety of products, from the decorative to the utilitarian, and its quiz can help to weed out options that may be unsuitable for a given household. Those with pets or children may require an option that is lower to the ground or features rounded edges and corners, and this quiz can help determine those needs.

This quiz can also help customers quickly find product options that match the aesthetic of a given space, from modern to traditional. Following the quiz, participants will be given a personalized report, pairing them with pieces in the catalog perfectly suited to their unique needs.

Coffee Table Mart has introduced this feature as it continues to expand its inventory with new styles and pieces, with hundreds of different options available. With so many to choose from, they have recognized the need for a more personalized filtering feature.

Their catalog is already searchable by feature, shape, and size to ensure that the piece the customer selects will integrate with the room they intend to use it in, with further filtering available for style and material. However, so much choice can often be overwhelming and may lead to indecision. A personalized list of hand-picked products will assist customers in the process.

Coffee Table Mart is continually updating its catalog with new brands, styles, and products. They currently host a number of popular major table brands, with warranty protection available, along with free shipping on all orders.

Coffee Table Mart is a member of Embles LLC, a company that operates online stores with niche, one-of-a-kind furniture, created with the goal of offering a superior shopping experience.

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