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Counselling Services Launched by an Accredited Therapist, Hayley Williamson

Finding an optimal therapist can be a bit demanding since every person has different opinions and approaches to life, which could lead to an unwanted feeling that you are not being understood by your therapist. A professional therapist, Hayley Williamson, believes that it is completely okay to change therapists along the way to find the best possible match for you!

Hayley Williamson could be the next therapist that you have been looking for. She is considered by her clients to be a friendly, empathetic, and confidential. She offers a 20-minute free consultation so that you can try Hayley as your therapist to see if you would be a great fit.

Don’t let that opportunity slip by you and book your free consultation now:

Hayley Williamson started her journey by taking a taster course in counselling, which made her realize that this is her true passion – it makes her truly happy. She finally found her purpose in life. Such strong feelings toward counselling just make her more reliable and trustworthy. “I enjoy helping people to enjoy their quality of life and become the best version of themselves. My job brings me great satisfaction” Hayley says. Isn’t that the approach that everyone is looking for in a therapist?

And what are the services that Hayley Williamson has to offer? There are plenty of them! For example, she specializes in Counselling, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (mostly used for treating anxiety disorders and depression), EMDR (usually used for the treatment of PTSD) and Group Workshops. Another great advantage is that Hayley also offers her counselling in an online form. It so much easier for anyone, that has to deal with a lack of spare time on their hands due to work or other important stuff.

If you are still not convinced about Hayley Williamson’s qualities, maybe the following review from her client will help you to make up your mind. “I found Hayley very helpful and supporting. I felt at ease talking to her and would recommend her services to anyone that may need EMDR.”

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HW Counselling & Psychotherapy Services
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