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Course Creator Business Coaching Program, One-On-One Mentoring Sessions Launched

Jeanne Omlor, formerly a renowned Wall Street strategist, is introducing newly updated digital marketing techniques in her Business Accelerator 2 course. The course is ideal for beginners in the industry who are looking to start a business in order to sell their knowledge through the creation of courses or coaching programs of their own.

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Participants in the new program will receive detailed one-on-one coaching from Jeanne herself, and will learn what it takes to be a content marketer and course seller in 2023. The techniques required to effectively engage with an online audience are constantly changing, and this latest update to the program material is intended to account for recent shifts in the online ecosystem.

The techniques Jeanne presents in her program were designed around her own experience. During a 2-year period, she was able to build a consulting business that rapidly grew into a 7-figure enterprise despite a total lack of advertising or seed capital. The same methods which she used throughout this process are on display in this program.

Those who enroll in the program will not only be able to receive direct career advice from Jeanne, but will also be invited to participate in her group mindset coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to instill realistic expectations regarding growth targets while also helping students celebrate their successes or receive empowering advice in the event of a shortcoming.

Much of Jeanne’s teaching revolves around networking techniques. She encourages her participants to engage with their pre-existing audience first in order to locate potential clients, expanding out from there using word-of-mouth or direct outreach. This portion of the program is intended to help participants grow their businesses without the use of paid advertising.

Past participants have reported success using these methods, with many lauding the combination of actionable advice and encouragement that Jeanne provides.

One such client stated, “I finally got a 1:1 client to convert after they spent a month in my Facebook space watching and listening. Like Jeanne says, never underestimate the power of presence.”

Those interested in joining the Business Success Accelerator 2 program should contact Jeanne directly to receive a free consultation.

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