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Blocktools has completed round 1 of its Web3 Ecommerce Portal that allows users to procure and manage a wide range of no-code application products.

Miami, Florida Aug 30, 2023 ( – Blocktools has completed round 1 of its Web3 Ecommerce Portal that allows users to procure and manage a wide range of applications off-the-shelf.

Blocktools believes this is a groundbreaking development in the world of web3 technology in general. No-code and AI joining at the confluence of Web3 has given rise to an ecommerce portal that offers users the ability to leverage cloud based solutions to enjoy the benefits of pay-as-you-go without having to factor a large capex or worry about extensive overheads and multiple code revisions.

As an unexplored niche there remains significant room to scale Web3 applications quickly. A suite of Proof of Concepts was made available for general users to trial the services and get a feel of what the future looks like from close quarters.

A Web3 mall has been conceptualized to provide a seamless and convenient experience for individuals, Businesses, and smaller Project Teams alike, to cut their go-to-market down to hours, if not minutes! Multiple surveys show that this is the age of quick decision making without going too deep into extensive reading material. Therefore bearing that in mind, One-click check-outs and custom developments have been made ready from the get-go to allow for a greater degree of control over spillovers and quality issues without having to manage cumbersome technical paperwork and cost of revisions!

The Blocktools web3 ecommerce portal serves users looking to explore the vast potential of No-Code technology but at an affordable price with offerings extended at all levels from beginners to experts. With an extensive selection of off-the-shelf applications readily available for purchase, users can easily access and implement cutting-edge solutions to enhance their operations, without the need for complex development frameworks.

One of the key advantages of this platform lies in its user-friendly interface, designed to cater to both newcomers and experienced Project Teams. Users can effortlessly browse through the curated marketplace, where they will find a diverse range of applications catering to various industries and use cases.

Gaming and Social platforms have been included as an offering by default! The portal also offers an extensive selection to meet the needs of diverse users. With this offering, Blocktools takes advantage of the available space in No-code development and positions itself strongly for the future of Web3.

Customer experience is a prime focus, ensuring secure and transparent transactions and post production support. Direct interaction eliminates the need for intermediaries, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. The platform guarantees users a trusted and tamper-proof environment for their development needs. All in a matter of few clicks!

The portal works on a continuous feedback loop mechanism as all users are by default welcome to the Open Workshop collaboration, a Blocktools initiative that aims to break down code at a granular level to make it easier for everyone to understand “how stuff works”. Facilitating increased collaboration between developers and users via the workshop further allows participants to quickly showcase their project ideas and applications, expanding their reach and driving adoption.

Users, on the other hand, benefit from the opportunity to participate, provide feedback, suggestions, and even request customized solutions, ultimately fuelling innovation and raising the bar for no-code AI based technology.

Traversing the digital landscape requires a continuous attempt to reshape expectations and opportunities. No-code application deployment leveraging cloud based solutions is set to be a game-changer, enabling businesses and individuals to deploy faster and effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface, extensive selection, and emphasis on collaboration, Blocktools is poised to become the go-to platform for anyone seeking to harness the power of no-code pay-as-you-go applications at an affordable price.


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