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Creative Problem Solving Business Management Perspective Alignment Course Launch

In his recently launched Problem Perspectives Course, Dr. Steven Wright channels some of his best practices in using perspective positioning to create an alternative problem statement.

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Dr. Wright’s new course is suitable for anyone who is struggling with a specific problem, whether personal or professional. Sometimes, a problem seems more difficult and overwhelming when a person maintains a fixed perspective on how it must be solved. In light of these insights, Dr. Wright teaches students how to create alternative problem statements from multiple perspectives.

The new course follows a simple four-step process. First, students are taught how to capture the initial problem statement. From his experience, Dr. Wright has identified that many individuals fail to grasp the specifics of their problem, only that they have one. As such, it is important for people to know what their problem is before they can find solutions for it.

From there, Dr. Wright teaches practical and actionable strategies to create alternative problem statements from multiple perspectives. Students can then determine which is the better problem to solve from their choices and how to do so in the most efficient way possible. Further details can be found at

The Problem Perspectives Course is suitable for business problem solving, especially for organizations in more technical industries such as information technology and supply chain management. The course may also be taken by social entrepreneurs, product developers, and anyone who wants to develop stronger problem-solving skills and ensure they are tackling issues that matter.

About Dr. Steven Wright

Dr. Steven Wright is an engineer, lawyer, professor, and entrepreneur who considers himself a lifelong learner. He describes himself as a passionate and committed team player with a strong focus on mentoring, teaching, and research and development. He regularly posts reports on new and exciting topics about the information technology industry on his website.

Dr. Wright intends to release more on-demand webinars and programs about business management soon.

“Problems are the discrepancy between the current state and some desired future state (your objective),” he says. “Learn how to use the power of perspective to solve your best problem!”

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