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CustomGPT Announces Release of No-Code-Required ChatGPT Plugin Builder

CustomGPT A leader in generative AI business solutions

Needham, Massachusetts Jun 15, 2023 ( – Today marks the release of a new cutting-edge tool: CustomGPT Plugins. These Plugins allow businesses to build their own ChatGPT plugins with no IT support. With no code required, this solution is the first of its kind, as CustomGPT, a leader in generative AI business solutions, efficiently takes care of the usually-laborious process of building a plugin.

Since its founding and initial release of the Custom Chatbot, CustomGPT has provided a business-grade platform for consumers to probe ChatGPT for accurate responses based on their own content. This has been a game changer for many businesses, driving down costs and automating mundane tasks. Accessibility seems to be the dogma of the team, as the release of CustomGPT marks another move to make generative AI more accessible.

CustomGPT has rejected the notion that coding experience or extensive technical knowledge is required to harness the power of ChatGPT and enter the plugin store. Businesses and individual consumers alike can now share their custom chatbot using the 1-click plugin share feature in the same way they can share their bot via a share link or by embedding it on their website. This transfers the responsibility of managing the infrastructure from the business to CustomGPT, allowing businesses to streamline their operations.

“Whether you’re a small mom-and-pop shop owner, student, or seasoned engineer, the ChatGPT plugin store will now be accessible to you with little to no effort on your part,” said Anna doRosario, one of CustomGPT’s interns. “With the release of No-Code CustomGPT Plugins, we allow businesses to channel the benefits of our own multi-source integration feature in addition to ChatGPT’s features.” This latest release emphasizes the importance of plugins that provide relevant and accurate responses, and CustomGPT plugins have been designed to optimize query relevance.

Generative AI continues to disrupt the landscape, and CustomGPT chatbots and no-code plugins represent one of many ways this has manifested itself, as companies like Intercom find ways to incorporate generative AI into their business model.

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About CustomGPT

CustomGPT’s mission is to empower businesses and individuals to harness the power of generative artificial intelligence and ChatGPT for their own unique content by way of a no-code and easy-to-use platform. CustomGPT is differentiated by their offerings of multi-source integration and quick turnaround time with their hallmark custom chatbots. With the release of no-code plugins, they have continued on their mission to enable access to ChatGPT for everyone. Their partners include Cidewalk, Poll the People, and Filtergrade, among others. For more information, visit



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