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Customized Diploma Maker: Replacement Diplomas For Film Production And More

As part of the recent update, the firm offers a wide range of high school, university, and vocational certificate templates, allowing for the creation of realistic documents. The company’s in-house design team can also reproduce authentic-looking replacement documents if clients supply an original, with features including raised or embossed metal seals, high-quality parchment, and font-types.

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Hey Congrats states that its latest services are well-suited to a range of requirements, such as film production or other novelty uses. The company does not impose any minimum order quantities, but offers a discount structure for clients who wish to order in bulk.

Props play a central role in giving movies or television shows an authentic look, which helps to absorb viewers in the story being told. While some props can be created by in-house set designers, more specialized items will usually be outsourced.

As Hey Congrats explains, most universities or educational institutions will only issue diplomas and degrees to graduates, posing a challenge for film producers who require realistic certificates. With the most recent update, the company offers an efficient a reliable alternative, with designs being based on those used by educational organizations all around the world.

“Whether you represent a pre-school, home school family, local co-op, state-funded high school or a federally accredited institution, we are your best source for diplomas and certificates,” a company representative explained. “We can also produce authentic certificates for film production, movies, ads, tv shows, just like the ones we made for National Treasure 2.”

About Hey Congrats

In addition to private orders, Hey Congrats offers bulk design and supply services in a B2B capacity. The company has assisted some of the country’s leading organizations, including the Library of Congress, Boston College, GreenLeaf University, and Collings Guitars.

“Hey Congrats provides outstanding customer service,” one client recently stated. “My first purchase was damaged during shipping, and they replaced it free of charge. The product itself, a textured leatherette diploma cover, was also very high quality.”

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