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Deals Platform For Global Fine Art Auctions With Search Alerts Launched

LOT-ART has been designed specifically for fine art investors and collectors who are interested in assessing not just the artistic, cultural and historical worth of a piece of fine art but its monetary value, including its likely liquidity, profitability and possible price volatility. LOT-ART was founded by an extensive team of alternative investors and data analysts who believe that a price tag can be placed on fine art, and that investors should have access to independent and verifiable insight into that price tag.

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With an interest in supplemental income now widespread amongst the global community, LOT-ART has seen that there are now more individuals who are interested in investing in fine art and who are drawn to its generally stable and high-performing returns. However, the founders caution that fine art can be a particularly difficult pool for beginner investors to navigate.

That’s why, with their platform’s new auction sale price database, they are providing their members access to a smart price evaluator that uses the data point of 33 million prior global auctions to advise members whether the piece they want to buy is a good deal. They believe this database will allow members to invest intelligently and to get the best prices at auction without needing to pay for the costly fees of an expert broker or buyer.

In addition to providing members with market analytics, LOT-ART also has a search alert feature on their new platform. When members indicate to LOT-ART which type of fine art or alternative investment they are looking for–the site also deals with antiques, furniture, classic cars, jewelry and watches–the platform will connect them with pieces that are currently up for auction in over 3,500 of the world’s leading auction houses.

LOT-ART is the only database to exist of its kind, and they are proud to be at the forefront of the global fine art investment industry.

A spokesperson for the platform said, “Combining qualitative and financial due diligence, LOT-ART provides effective investment recommendations on passion assets like fine art to be purchased through auction bidding or private sales. LOT-ART can assess the liquidity of fine art and other passion assets to identify best investment deals in the global auction market, optimizing the portfolio diversification strategy of private collectors and financial institutions who wish to invest in art-related assets with the highest potential return.”

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