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DeFi Business Content Marketing, Blockchain Brand Visibility Service Launched

Srika Solutions has launched a content marketing service designed to help blockchain-based businesses achieve brand omnipresence. The service is unique, as it makes use of a proprietary software that allows for the creation of a wide array of branded assets that are then distributed to many high-authority publications.

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Srika Solutions’ approach to content marketing is anchored on the principles of omnipresent marketing, whose goal is to establish a widespread presence across multiple channels. What differs in the company’s service is cost-effectiveness because it can achieve a high level of brand visibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional omnipresent marketing campaigns.

“Maintaining a presence across all potential customer touchpoints is not cheap,” the company spokesperson said. “Just imagine all the pieces of content you have to create to cover different types of media. The cost needed to mount such a campaign might be too much for most companies to handle, especially those in the early stages.”

Srika Solutions’ answer to this issue is a purpose-built software designed to automate the creation of different content types, including news articles, blogs, infographics, slideshows, podcast audio, and videos. The software also doubles as a syndication service, enabling the company to distribute each asset simultaneously to online publications, video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, podcasts, and more.

“The articles alone are placed on more than 400 high-authority platforms,” the spokesperson added.

According to the company, it decided to offer its services to crypto companies following the controversies the industry has faced in recent years. It said that, for example, blockchain startups that want to build trust among investors could use the service to deliver engaging content to the platforms prospects frequent.

Srika Solutions is headquartered in Bushey, Hertfordshire, but it can provide its service to crypto companies based outside of the UK. Among the businesses it is keen on partnering with are exchanges, blockchain development companies, crypto mining companies, DeFi lending, staking, and yield farming platforms, asset management firms, wallet providers, and DAOs, as well as proponents of initial coin offerings.

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