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Dentist with Quick Crown Procedures Austin TX

While traditional crowns have been the standard option in dentistry for many years, requiring multiple visits to the dental office, Westlake Hills Dental Arts now uses advanced CEREC technology and state-of-the-art equipment for faster results as part of its expanded services for quick crown procedures.

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As vigorous outdoor activities throughout the summer months can lead to higher incidents of accidents and tooth breakage, cracks, or chips, Westlake Hills Dental Arts’ same-day CEREC crowns now allow for quick resolutions to dental injuries with a single visit to the office and no need for a temporary crown.

Although many patients may not be familiar with CEREC, statistics from the NIH show that CEREC restorations have a high durability rate of 94.7% after five years, making them comparable to the lifespan of traditional cast gold restorations, explains Dr. Rebecca Long. The CEREC tooth restoration procedures at Westlake Hills Dental Arts offer the advantages of technology while matching the dependability of conventional crowns. “CEREC is considered one of the most updated and advanced forms of dental equipment and at Westlake Hills Dental Arts, our team is committed to providing patients with only the best,” says Dr. Long.

To create a same-day crown, the CEREC technique utilizes CAD/CAM technology, generating a 3D model of a patient’s teeth and the desired crown.

The image is sent to an in-house milling unit where the crown is fabricated on-site, while the patient waits in the office. As the crown is fitted on the same day, no follow-up visits are necessary.

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In addition to speedy care, CEREC crowns offer other benefits, such as enhanced accuracy, a more natural appearance, and a dental solution that is metal-free, healthier for patients, and environmentally sustainable.

The team at Westlake Hills Dental Arts is also available to provide guidance and assistance for other common dental problems, such as stains, deep cleaning, and teeth alignment issues.

“Dr. Long and her staff make going to the dentist the best experience,” a satisfied patient said. “They really care about my comfort and take the extra step to ensure I’m doing okay.”

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