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Detox Bath Essential Oil Blend Recipes For Body and Mind | DIY Guide Released

The latest release by Loving Essential Oils, authored by certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane, outlines the favorable impact of using essential oils in baths on an individual’s immunity. The guide singles out Epsom salt as a suitable addition to bathing routines, pointing to its range of health advantages.

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With its latest guide, the aromatherapist provides readers with a selection of essential oils that are considered conducive to healthy baths. By properly using these blends, detoxification and cleansing effects can be achieved for the good of the body and mind.

According to Loving Essential Oils, the purpose of a detox bath is to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body through increased sweating, made possible by essential oil mixtures. Its guide explains that such baths can further help to treat the appearance of cellulite, providing a natural means of countering the physical signs of aging without potentially harmful chemical ingredients.

Essential oil detox baths are also suitable for individuals struggling with stress and anxiety and looking for a natural remedy to relieve tension.

The guide places Epsom salt among a list of suitable bath complements, noted for its skin-friendly properties. It suggests that essential oil blends ranging from lemon and lavender to pine and frankincense can help to bring about increased relaxation, boosted circulation, and other desired effects – especially when used in combination with Epsom salts.

To further assist readers, the new guide provides a printable list of essential oil blend recipes for detox baths – featuring preparation time, ingredients, instructions, and more.

As written by Jennifer Lane in the new guide: “The luxurious delight of an aromatherapy bath enriched with pure plant extracts can penetrate the pores to balance and strengthen the respiratory, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. As you soak in the goodness of a detox bath, inhale the aromas to enhance emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.”

Loving Essential Oils adds the new guide to a growing library of essential oil resources. Other entries by Jennifer Lane offer information on popular oil blends for the home as well as her own essential oil book recommendations.

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