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Dr Tom Pagonis, Endodontist, Professor – Entrepreneur with Dr Evangelos Viazis, Author – Orthodontic Influencer discuss

Protection from aerosols and splatter during microscopic dentistry

Boston, Massachusetts Sep 17, 2022 ( – The production of aerosols, droplets, and splatter is well-documented in dentistry and has become a front-line issue, especially in the past two years with Covid-19. The potential for disease transmission via infections aerosols is also a concern for tuberculosis, influenza, SARS, and Legionnaire’s disease. Enhanced measures especially with more effective personal protective equipment have helped but how can a general dentist or specialist effectively utilize the optics of a dental microscope if he or she is wearing goggles or a face shield?! We recommend ScopeShield(TM)

ScopeShield(TM) is a patent-pending universal personal protective device designed for all operating microscopes. The innovative design provides clinician protection from potentially infectious aerosols and splatter while allowing the clinician direct visual access to microscope eyepiece optics without the need for a face shield. Available worldwide exclusively at RootRadar

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