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Durabarrier USA Offers Innovative Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Protection

DuraBarrier USA has many products and solutions that are modular, scalable, and customized to meet clients’ needs. Their solutions are used as a subgrade to protect clients’ infrastructure and minimize the impact of incidents when they occur.

DuraBarrier USA offers a variety of critical infrastructure protection solutions to protect investments like substations, transformers, and other infrastructure. They have a variety of products and solutions that are customized to meet clients’ needs. Some of their safety and security solutions include transformer and fire barriers, battery separators and arc shields, fireproof boxes and containers, ballistic fire barriers, noise barriers, firewalls, vaults, tunnels and manholes, and more. The company’s services are modular, scalable, and customizable. Their fire barrier services protect transformers from transformer explosions and fires in substations to protect smaller pieces of the power grid.

The safety and security company provides rated wall modules for GIS substations and buildings where protection from fire, blast, ballistic event, heat, noise, IED, and security is required; their products and services are used as a subgrade to protect clients’ infrastructure. They also help to control any incidents through separation barriers, curtains, and shelves which separate equipment and control to minimize damage if it occurs. They have many designs and use high-quality innovative products and materials for mitigation, separation, and containment.

DuraBarrier USA has a team of licensed professionals with extensive experience in the design and installation of safety and security systems. The company has over 30 years of experience in the industry and uses modern equipment and tools. Their innovative solutions utilize advanced technologies and are continually updated to match industry trends. DuraBarrier USA has a client-centered approach to service delivery which leads to the establishment of products, processes, and services that match industry trends.

The company representative had this to say about their services,

“DuraBarrier USA has deployed fully customized and modular fire, ballistic, and explosion solutions at 100s of locations across the United States. Our proven designs are shovel-ready and easy to install, enabling compliance requirements to be met while saving time and money. Our fire barrier projects respond to the client’s needs and provide a solution to both simple and complex problems in safety and security.”

The company provides accurate and effective safety solutions through its advanced technologies. Their culture of continuous learning has enabled them to continually provide their clients with relevant and modern solutions. The staff is friendly and keeps clients informed at every stage. They take time to educate clients on how their safety and security system works and how it protects their investments.

DuraBarrier USA offers other services like fireproof boxes and containers, cables, joints, wraps and IED blankets, basalt panels, conduits, and forms, among others. They also provide professional services, which include site and risk assessment, fire barrier inspection, design and fabrication delivery and installation, and certification and compliance. They assess transformers and substations to determine the risk of fire or explosion.

DuraBarrier USA is located at 9 Mount Lane, Manasquan, New Jersey, 08736, US. For consultation and booking, contact their staff by calling 732-232-2100. Visit the company website to learn more about DuraBarrier USA and its innovative solutions for critical infrastructure protection.

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