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DWI Lawyer Matt Peacock Speaks At Dallas Public Defender’s Office Boot Camp

Matt Peacock, a DUI attorney from an award-winning law firm in Dallas, The Medlin Law Firm, recently took the stage as keynote speaker at the Dallas Public Defender’s Office Boot Camp.

The event took place in CCC#3 in the Dallas County Courthouse on July 7th for the Dallas Public Defender’s Office members. The event serves as training for misdemeanor attorneys and felony prosecutors.

The Boot Camp happens bi-annually and is a platform for attorneys to exchange insights, strategies, and experiences. It is a unique chance for misdemeanor public defenders to learn from each other. Ultimately, this enhances the quality of legal representation in the state.

Matt Peacock has been a criminal defense attorney for almost 15 years and has handled thousands of criminal cases, from class C tickets to first-degree felonies. He develops solutions to address client concerns whenever they face certain criminal charges.

He gained his Juris Doctor in 2009 at the St. Mary’s University School of Law. Matt was then inducted into the State Bar of Texas in 2010. He is dedicated to helping people and prides himself in his communication and passion for legal practice.

The Medlin Law Firm is a top-ranking criminal defense firm in Dallas, Texas. It hosts seasoned criminal lawyers with years of experience defending clients in various legal circumstances. They handle misdemeanor cases and felony charges for different types of clients.

The firm works with individuals to develop strategies and achieve agreeable results. Their criminal defense lawyers and staff are well-versed in creating solutions for clients with differing legal needs. Creating solutions that help in every individual’s case is one of their priorities.

The Medlin Law Firm serves individuals who require legal assistance against various criminal charges, including DWI, theft, assault, drug crimes, fraud, murder, and domestic violence.

Visit The Medlin Law Firm at 2550 Pacific Ave #834, Dallas, TX 75226, or call (214) 888-4810 for a free evaluation.

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