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Ecostella Making Significant Impact in Residential Solar

Ecostella’s technologies are quickly becoming the #1 adder to solar systems. It has proven to increase total offsets by anywhere from 10-32% and allows solar sales representatives to apply a more consultative sales approach. Once installed, Ecostella begins saving homeowners money immediately. Ecostella is also the only residential energy efficiency company with nationwide installation capability. It’s accomplished this by building a network of certified installers that includes low voltage personnel, electricians and HVAC technicians. Ecostella’s “white glove service model” has been reducing solar cancellation rates from as high as 40% down to single digit percentages. Ecostella’s CEO, William Geist stated that he believed this was largely in part to developing a more cohesive relationship between the solar sale and its delivery. “With Ecostella delivering and installing its technologies on average within 7-10 days, homeowners are getting immediate gratification in terms of their energy savings while waiting for the solar system to be installed. This combined with the anticipation of the benefits that will be received by the solar system makes for a perfect partnership.” said Geist.

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Ecostella offers optimization that improves the way HVAC units function by applying a variable fan timing algorithm that correlates fan run-time to compressor run-time and by cycling the compressor during periods where the coil is at max capacity. With HVAC, accounting for over 50% of total electricity usage, Ecostella makes a significant impact. The technology works automatically, without compromising home owner comfort or requiring manual effort, and the installation process is quick and easy.

The solar industry is booming. In 2022, Americans installed enough solar panels to power over 22 million homes. For solar sales representatives, the ability to help homeowners transition smoothly from conventional energy to new solar technology is essential for healthy sales numbers. The Ecostella assists in this transition process. Kevin Hardin, the company’s COO said, “Ecostella is a complete home energy efficiency solution that uses a multi-faceted reduce-before-you-produce approach. Every one of Ecostella technologies are proven, effective, affordable, and guaranteed.”

Solar sales organizations and installers can partner with Ecostella to elevate their customers’ experience, increase total offsets, help reduce solar sales cancellations down to single digit numbers, offer third-party reassurance regarding the choice to go solar, create immediate energy savings, and deliver a tangible product with a tangible benefit. Ecostella is a win-win all the way around.

The technology has a proven track record over a decade, has been featured in numerous studies and has deployed commercially with companies from Main Street to Wall Street and the company’s service record is impeccable.

The company’s website features many positive reviews from solar sales reps as well as individual homeowners. One satisfied sales partner says, “Ecostella has just about eliminated our cancellations! Their product is great, their installers are well trained, and their service is exceptional.”

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