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Edison Pre-Screened Movers for Family Homes & Move Scheduling Report Launched

This new report launched by explores statistics from the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) in an effort to determine the most common months for relocating, and how families may be able to benefit by moving during the off-season.

More information about peak moving times, the full list of statistics, and cost-saving strategies can be found in the full report, at

Research shows that every year, the warmer summer months are the most common time to move, and experts suggest this may be due to several factors. The recently published guide provides an in-depth look at each cause and explains that during these months, the rates for moving may be higher, due to the increased activity and workload.

Although it is possible to hire professional movers during the peak season, the report suggests that it may be more difficult to find a reputable company, unless that plans are made well in advance. For budget-conscious families, the report suggests moving either soon before, or after, the peak season, to get the best rates.

The guide also provides a more comprehensive breakdown of the most effective times to move, by month, week, and day. Although this can vary based on several factors, it suggests that an optimal time to move may be in April, during the spring break for children, right before the peak moving season.

One method suggests for ensuring that a top-tier moving company is available is to move during the middle of the month. Due to most clients moving at either the beginning or end of the month, moving companies often have empty schedules mid-month, which may also reduce their rates.

A final tip suggested in the report, which may require readers to take time off work, is scheduling a move for the middle of the week. Although it is more common to move on the weekends when possible, the report explains that for this reason, moving companies are busier on the weekends, and may even charge higher rates during this time.

While these techniques can help readers to reduce their moving rates, has also launched a simple tool that provides comprehensive estimates for a wide range of related services. Readers can fill in a simple form on the website with details of their upcoming move, and the services they require, to get up to 7 no-cost, no-obligation estimates from local professionals.

More information about the simple rate estimate tool, quotes from local professionals, and pre-screened movers for Edison, NJ, can be found at
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