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eGoldFax, Premier Enterprise Cloud Faxing Provider in Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach, CA – eGoldFax is a premier enterprise cloud faxing provider and is a PCI-DSS level 1 certified data center. Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, the company has met all the industry’s compliance standards including FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR, among others.

eGoldFax has prioritized customer data security and is compliant with all industry regulations. The company provides enhanced security through end-to-end fax encryption. This means faxes are encrypted while on transit using transport layer security(TLS) 1.2 encryption which is the standard encryption protocol for the industry. With this kind of security, everyone can safely send sensitive documents.

eGoldFax has a team of experienced professionals that offer technical support on cloud faxing. The company also offers extensive sales and marketing support to its partners. The company spokesperson had this to say on the importance of cloud faxing, “Security breach has become a daily occurrence hence the need for a more secure and reliable alternative. Faxing presents the best alternative for sending sensitive documents. Most legal, financial, and medical documents are sensitive, and leakage to unwanted viewers can lead to expensive lawsuits. EGoldFax presents a practical solution to this challenge.”

One of the significant and most crucial cloud faxing features is security. The end-to-end encryption ensures secure fax transmissions. Encryption also means the submissions meet compliance requirements.

Other cloud faxing benefits include:

  • Ease in access which becomes universal using the cloud. Messages can easily be accessed from different devices, including smartphones, MFP, and computers. This is unlike traditional faxing, where messages would only be accessed through the faxing machine.
  • Cloud faxing does not require hardware, software, and phone lines besides saving costs of purchasing equipment required for set up.
  • Maintenance of the hardware and software is reduced. The only cost involves payment for faxing services.
  • Cloud faxing is reliable in that it’s not affected by telco outages.
  • Cloud faxing is scalable as it’s not limited to the fax board capacity.

eGoldFax partners with various companies to ensure the essential cloud faxing service is readily available.

Ideal partners include phone system resellers, value-added resellers(VAR), system integrators(SI), Multi-function (MFP) dealers, managed service providers(MSP), and other related service providers in the IT, business, consultancy, and other industries.

Partners benefit through increased revenue streams and increased product portfolio. They also leverage the MFPs already in use without the need for new installation and extra costs.

eGoldFax can be reached by phone at (714) 695-1000. The company is located at 1409 Glenneyre St., Suite B, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651, US. Visit the eGoldFax website for demonstration videos on cloud faxing and other information on their services.

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