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Eldridge IA Retirement Planning, Social Security Income Protection Plan Launched

KS Financial Services, a family-owned and operated financial service company, has launched its newly updated retirement planning services. Now, clients can further increase and safeguard their retirement income through a tailored insurance plan that can complement their pensions.

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The updated services are designed to help everyday Americans safeguard their income and make better, more-informed decisions about their financial wellness. In particular, it aims to assist pre-retirees in finding ways to augment their Social Security through a personalized retirement plan.

The group said that Social Security is seldom enough to support all the financial demands of a typical retiree. It says that most, if not all, retired people should look at other Social Security supplements, such as a personal insurance plan, various investments, and long-term banking options.

“Unfortunately, many Americans mistakenly believe that Social Security will cover all their financial needs. However, given the current economic situation, this won’t be the case,” a spokesperson added.

KS Financial Services says that it has updated its services to meet the needs of many pre-retirees. Specifically, the team works with clients to design a custom income protection plan that guarantees dual income from Social Security and the policy.


The company is a family-owned and operated business founded by Kelly Stewart. She believes that financial freedom and resilience can be achieved by anyone, regardless of background or education. Ms. Stewart prides herself on her global approach to financial management offered with small-town charm.

The group spokesperson said, “We help you plan for the summit by being prepped and prepared for today, tomorrow, and the future. We coach you through your own personalized summit plan, we guide you along your personal journey, and we help set anchors for the steep cliffs and rocky paths of life.”

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