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Emeraude Escape’s launch gamifies the virtual and hybrid event experience

Breakout rooms are boring. Ice breakers are annoying. Games are for bonding.

Large-scale virtual events are nothing new, but as we push into the future of the hybrid workplace, companies and conferences are turning to massive virtual games to break up the monotony and provide a natural place for attendees to bond.

Zoom happy hours don’t work and fun is an overlooked element of corporate events, especially virtually.

Companies such as Microsoft, Nespresso, Intel, AXPO, Astra Zeneca and Hermes are turning to Emeraude Escape to craft customized multiplayer games to break up conferences and events.

The gamified platforms provide space to form natural bonds with co-workers virtually, which translates to happier and more productive employees.

Emeraude Escape’s new events and game platform allows companies or organizers to group participants by team and allows them to exchange messages via chat and video while also participating in games, workshops, conferences, cyber parties and more throughout virtual events.

These types of hybrid events are here to stay.

“The seminar requests are only virtual or hybrid. Today, not all safety conditions are met to offer a 100% physical event and many large companies are planning to democratize working from home beyond the health crisis,” says Virgile Loisance, CEO of Emeraude Escape. “With new and emerging digital event formats becoming more immersive and collaborative, companies are opting for safety while betting on digital event management.”

After more than a year of inactivity or even non-existence, large-scale physical events (trade shows, seminars, conferences) have had to reinvent themselves under new virtual concepts. Loisance explains “If in France, we have to present a health pass, to demonstrate our good health, in order to access large-scale events, this still presents multiple difficulties for organizers”.

The Paris-based startup has found an innovative way to marry the interactivity and immediacy of the physical event with the security and performance of digital, all in a fun simulation environment.

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Emeraude Escape
Emeraude Escape


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