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Employee Retention Tax Credit Claim Assistance: ERTC Application Service Updated

The newly updated service, which is available even for those businesses that have received a PPP loan, focuses on maximizing tax credits. Clients can secure up to $26,000 per employee depending on a variety of factors.

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The announcement emphasizes a streamlined pre-qualification process that only requires 15 minutes of time. Businesses can answer a selection of non-invasive questions to determine their eligibility ahead of filing their claim.

The pandemic resulted in reduced revenues for countless small businesses across diverse industries. To aid these businesses, the ERTC program was created – allowing employers to claim up to $26,000 per employee for 2020 and 2021. However, the complex application process has prevented many eligible companies from securing these funds.

In addition to this, many business owners remain unaware of their eligibility, which could cause millions of dollars to go unclaimed. With the deadline for 2020 payouts approaching in 2024, the agency is raising awareness of the ERTC and the latest requirements for businesses.

Leveraging its team of experienced CPAs and tax professionals, LP Consulting guides clients through the entire claims process. With comprehensive documentation and strategic positioning of claims, the firm maximizes refund potential while minimizing IRS risk – because the audit-proof documentation prepared for each application reduces the chances of time-consuming inquiries.

LP Consulting requires no upfront payment or hidden fees. The team only collects payment after securing the refund for clients. Funds can be used for any business need without restrictions.

Over the past month, LP Consulting has already helped many clients claim significant ERTC refunds. A restaurant in Houston, Texas received over $400,000, while a presentation design agency in Nashville, Tennessee secured $162,979. Many other small businesses across diverse sectors have obtained six-figure refunds.

A spokesperson states: “Start with the 10 simple questions on our site to begin your claim. We will email you a secure link to an application questionnaire to be completed online.”

Interested parties can learn more at

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