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Empowering Internet Businesses: Non-Profit NRS Takes a Stand for IP Address Ownership and Control

Number Resource Society (NRS) is a non-profit organization that is on a mission tRabat, Casablanca Aug 28, 2023 ( – o bring attention to the complexities of IP address ownership. With a strong commitment to building a more equitable and accessible Internet community, NRS aims to empower businesses by advocating for their rights to own IP addresses.

The heart of the issue lies in the ownership of IP addresses, the foundational building blocks of the internet. According to the Number Resource Organization, an advocate for businesses and academic institutions, IP addresses are not owned by the organizations that use them. This lack of ownership is exacerbated by the fact that policies surrounding IP addresses tend to change with barely any notice or that many policies are made with little transparency.

Currently, the management of these critical IP addresses is overseen by only five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) worldwide. These addresses are predominantly controlled by those registries. While some RIRs are fulfilling exemplary roles, others need help in enhancing their policymaking and quality of governance.

It’s crucial to involve the Internet community in policymaking, as these policies directly dictate who has the right to IP addresses. Such policies effectively determine who can access the internet. Remarkably, RIRs even have the authority to revoke IP addresses, potentially disrupting an entire organization’s Internet connectivity.

NRS recognizes the significant risks posed by this concentrated control over IP addresses, both to organizations and the broader Internet landscape.

NRS believes that the ownership of unique IP address registrations within a global coordinated database should rest with the companies running the networks, rather than a centralized body determining the fate of Internet access for all.

NRS is committed to educating business owners about their IP address registration rights. The organization’s goal is to empower these business owners to assert control over their IP addresses and registrations, ultimately safeguarding the future of their businesses in the unpredictable future.

The topic of IP address ownership is often overlooked. While the Internet structure seems smooth on the surface, many things are going on in the background. Businesses, schools, and organizations need to be aware of the workings that define their connectivity to the Internet. NRS exists to bring that awareness — through seminars, workshops, and expert advice.

Backed by experts in Internet infrastructure and policies, NRS will continue to push for forward-thinking policies that will benefit the greater good for a longer time.

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About NRS

NRS is a non-profit organization whose mission is defined by its slogan: Internet for all. They are dedicated to advocating for IP address ownership rights and promoting a more equitable internet ecosystem. By empowering internet businesses with knowledge and resources, NRS aims to shift the narrative around IP address control and create a future where businesses have more control and security in their online presence.


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