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Enhancing Tree Health: NWI Tree Service Introduces Essential Summer Care Guide in St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota – Maintaining the health and longevity of trees during the hot summer months is a vital concern for every homeowner. NWI Tree Service, a trusted local tree care company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new summer tree care guide on its recently unveiled website.

NWI Tree Service aims to provide practical assistance in identifying potential tree care and plant-related issues within the yard. This will help address diseases and prevent premature tree decay. The newly available summer tree care guide seeks to empower St. Paul, Minnesota, residents by offering valuable insights into recognizing signs of summer tree distress.

Property owners can monitor their trees’ well-being during the summer months and identify key signs of distress, such as wilting leaves on Oak trees, the threat of Emerald Ash Borers affecting Ash trees, early leaf discoloration, and leaf scorching. The Summer Tree Care Guide also advises on the ideal timing for tree pruning, a critical factor in preventing diseases like fire blight, a bacterial infection commonly affecting apple trees, flowering crabapples, mountain ash, hawthorns, and shrub cotoneasters. The guide also addresses issues like stem cankers on Honey Locust trees.

Taking their commitment further, NWI Tree Service offers complimentary consultations for effective summer tree care. During these consultations, experienced arborists assess the health of trees and devise personalized care plans tailored to each client’s specific needs.

A representative from the company emphasizes, “By following these valuable summer tree care tips and enlisting the expertise of professional arborists, you can ensure the vitality and long life of your trees, thereby enhancing and preserving your property’s value.”

NWI Tree Service is a full-service St. Paul tree service company serving residential and commercial clients. They offer tree trimming, removal, emergency storm response, and snow removal. They also extend their offerings to landscaping services, encompassing landscape design and cleanup, mulch application, edging installation, and grading. Hardscape solutions include installing retaining walls, pathways, driveways, and outdoor features like fireplaces and pergolas.

The team at NWI Tree Service comprises trained, experienced, and knowledgeable staff who undergo thorough background checks and are insured before employment.

Visit the company’s website for the new summer tree care guide and other informatory blogs. For more queries or to schedule an appointment, call NWI Tree Service at 651-571-8138. Their office is located at 19570 St Croix Trail N, Marine on St Croix, MN, 55047, US.

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