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Enjoy the Luxury of a Sparkling Clean Pool with WRX Pool Service In Orange County

Windermere, Florida – A party by a pool won’t be enjoyable if it’s not sparkling clean and healthy. WRX Pool Service is one of the Orange County pool companies with the answer to this problem. This family-owned, local business has been offering residential pool services since 2016. The company employs a multilingual staff of trained and highly skilled technicians with extensive experience in the pool service industry. In addition, WRX Pool Service is fully insured and licensed to ensure maximum safety and security.

WRX Pool Service offers a variety of pool-related services, such as inspections, pool heater installation, pump, and motor repairs, saltwater pool installation, green pool treatment, and weekly pool service. Clients can also request a free quote to estimate the services’ cost.

“Watching the technicians work on my pool making it look as good as new was an incredible sight,” said a satisfied client of WRX Pool Service. “It reminded me that every pool needs a little TLC every now and then.”

Most people think water and tiles are all there is to a pool. However, swimming pools have various parts that require inspection, including the pump, filter, pool deck, and plumbing. WRX Pool Service provides comprehensive pool inspections to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.

When a homeowner notices an unusual amount of debris, murky or cloudy water, or inconsistent temperature in the pool, they know it’s time to contact WRX Pool Service. The company will perform in-depth inspections that include checking the pool’s pH balance, calcium hardness level, chemical levels, equipment condition, and filter pressure.

Regular maintenance is essential in maintaining a healthy and functioning swimming pool. It involves checking filtration systems, cleaning the tiles, and skimming leaves or other debris from the water’s surface. At WRX Pool Service, the technicians are trained in all pool cleaning services. They do everything from vacuuming and skimming to scrubbing and cleaning the tiles.

The drop in temperatures shouldn’t deter homeowners from enjoying their pool. WRX Pool Service provides pool heater installation services to maintain water temperatures comfortable for swimming all year round.

Green pools can be unsightly and uncomfortable to swim in. The technicians at WRX Pool Service understand how algae affect the health of both people and pools, so they treat green pools with special chemicals to restore the water’s clarity and balance. Using chlorine shock treatments and algaecide treatments, the technicians can clear up a green pool in no time.

WRX Pool Service is located at 6407 Swanson Street, Windermere, Florida, 34786, US. Clients can contact the pool service company at 3214300200 or visit their website to learn more about their Orange County office.

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