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Escape the Gods: A Controversial Bestseller Faces Bans and Backlash After Shaking the Foundations of Religion

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New York, NY, July 18, 2023 (500NewsWire) Breakout author, K.S. Ph.D. released Escape the Gods, a sudden bestseller in three categories on Amazon and Google Play.

A significant conversation starter, the unorthodox book daringly places religion under a microscope, triggering backlash and encouraging discourse in academic circles. A global collective of religious leaders from several faiths petitioned to have the book banned after two violent incidents. Challenging the status quo, it raises pertinent questions about indoctrination in schools, which is rapidly becoming a topic of national concern.

The book aims to ignite a dialogue rather than foster confrontation, says the author of the book, K.S. Even though naysayers provide a lot of insulting, fake, and bad feedback to silence the book, I am not afraid of controversy if it can lead to an open and respectful conversation about religious practices and beliefs.

According to K.S., global origin stories connected humans with the universe and unseen dimensions. A desire to understand the mysteries of the universe led the masses to nature worship. Later, cults evolved into organized religions with chaotic beliefs. Science emerged with ever-changing theories presented as facts.

After billions of years of silence, scriptures told of divine births, astronomical signs, and entities, K.S. states. Crucifixions, resurrections, miracles, and catastrophic floods splashed across parchments. Human sacrifices to sacred bulls and symbolic serpents protected the faithful. Eating human flesh, drinking blood, and pedophilia quietly coiled around religions. An invisible ominous conflicted overseer threatened the world with eternal damnation. Millenniums of religious ideologies stoked the fires of wars. Indoctrination devolved the intellect of humanity. My aim with Escape the Gods is to bring these fanatical ideologies to light no matter who is offended.

Praised by critics and readers alike, Escape the Gods has made waves in various sectors of society. Modern Anthropology, for example, comments, In this brilliant offering, religions and cultures are compared and exposed by their own words and actions.

Additionally, Newsbreak, in its review, underlined, Controversial knowledge intersects with comparative religion and culture. Bravo! Global Books adds another dimension to the discussion, stating, The book does not espouse atheism, in fact, atheists are forced to rethink their beliefs or lack of beliefs as well. "This is not an endless commentary. Each religion's own words were laid bare for the reader to decide."

Escape the Gods continues to create a stir in the religious and secular communities, pushing the boundaries of conventional discourse and paving the way for an open, objective examination of religious practices and their role in education.

To purchase a copy of Escape the Gods, head to Amazon and Google Play.

An Amazon bestseller in atheism, controversial religions and comparative religions

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